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CodeStream code-level metrics now available for all APM agents including Java, Go, PHP & Node.js

March 9, 2023

Access crucial telemetry data from within your IDE with CodeStream code-level metrics

Calling all Java, Go, PHP & Node.js engineers! You can now easily view key telemetry data such as error rate and response time from the service level, all the way down to the method level, empowering you to take a more proactive approach to your development workflows. CodeStream’s latest features empower you to get ahead of issues before they hit production and accelerate your development cycles resulting in reduced costs & time savings.

Updating your agents lets you access the following features:

  • Code-level metrics, or informed development, which allows you to see telemetry data like response time and error rate all the way down to the method level and identify which function in your codebase is causing issues. Code-level metrics will also be shown inside your IDE diffs for both pull requests and feedback requests, ensuring a data-driven code review process for any code that you push into production.
  • Service-level telemetry, which surfaces the telemetry data for the services associated with the repo you have open in your IDE. With just a click you can also see the metrics for any service that calls, or is called by, your service.

How to get started

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