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Export your historical data for compliance and analysis with Data Plus

September 14, 2022

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Secure, store, share, and analyze your data using your preferred tools

If you’re on a Data Plus license, you can export your historical telemetry data outside of New Relic, giving you flexibility for deeper data exploration across related entities, events, and anomalies within your stack. Further, this allows you to use your preferred analytics tools across teams that don’t use New Relic at all.

Exporting your data is accomplished by building queries in NerdGraph, returning up 200 million data points. The resulting data is provided as a downloadable link to a JSON file. For more on this feature, see the historical data export docs.

Other Data Plus features

Data Plus also includes the following features:

  • 90 days retention added for some data types
  • FedRAMP-compliant endpoints
  • HIPAA compliance with HITRUST certification (Pro and Enterprise edition only)
  • Logs obfuscation

Coming soon:

  • Streaming data export
  • Vulnerability management
  • Cloud provider choice

Read more here

Learn more, or sign up for Data Plus

  1. Learn more and upgrade to Data Plus here.
  2. Learn how to build queries for historical data exports.
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