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Browser agent v1169

May 22, 2020

New Features

The agent now accepts new configuration privacy.cookies_enabled. When it is set to false (OFF), the agent doesn't write any cookies (JSESSIONID & NREUM) and it also notifies the intake server to not return a cookie. This enables customers to comply with GDPR/PECR ICO guidelines around cookies. By default, all current and newly created applications will have this value set to true (ON), so there will be no change in the data currently being collected by the agent. Admin users must toggle the setting to OFF and redeploy the agent in order to see this change take effect. Once cookie collection is set to false, users should no longer see session information captured with their event data. If a session was already in progress, that data will continue to be collected until that session expires. New sessions should report a null value.

Please note that auto-injected apps will receive this update before the UI option is available. See release dates below.

To learn more about how New Relic Browser uses cookies, see our documentation. For more information on security considerations, specifically around cookies, visit our Security for Browser documentation.

Release Dates

  • Auto-injected apps - May 28, 2020
  • Copy/paste apps - June 1, 2020
  • Corresponding UI changes - June 1, 2020

Issues Resolved

Fixed issue with document XHR requests

In some cases, the agent was causing a DOMException error when getting the size of XHR responses for requests with document response type.

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