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iOS agent v3.378

July 24, 2014Download



  • Fixed build errors in NewRelicFeatureFlags.h that occurred if NewRelic.h was imported before foundation.h in the prefix.pch file.
  • Interaction traces period is more discrete. An interaction will only record traces until a new interaction is started, rather than combining the data into one interaction.
  • The method +[NRTaskQueue dequeue] will no longer fire on the UI thread.
  • Interaction traces now have more easily identifiable names. Instead of “ViewController#Method” they will now be named “Display ViewController”.
  • The healthy interaction timer will no longer fire repeatedly over very short intervals.
  • The agent will no longer crash if the instrumented method:; [NSURLConnection sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler:] is passed a nil completionHandler.


  • Default interaction traces can now be renamed by adding @protocol NewRelicCustomInteractionInterface( (defined in NewRelic.h) to the traced view controller.
  • Added new method for starting a custom interaction trace +startInteractionWithName: (defined in NewRelic.h)
  • Deprecated the following methods in NewRelic.h : +startInterationFromMethodName:object:, +startInterationFromMethodName:object:customizedName, and +startInterationFromMethodName:object:cancelRunningTrace:. Use +startInteractionWithName: instead.
  • Added method +stopCurrentInteraction: to NewRelic.h. Allows user to stop a custom interaction trace manually.
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