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Infrastructure agent v1.0.818

November 20, 2017


New Relic Infrastructure agent builds are available for multiple platforms. See Update the Infrastructure agent for how to download and update the appropriate version of the agent for your platform.

Note also that this is a Windows and Linux release.

New features

  • Adds support for latest versions of the Infrastructure Integration SDK.
  • Adds support for identifying the Google Cloud Platform instance ID (NOTE: all the existent GCP nodes will be renamed as now we're adding the gcp prefix in the id. This may trigger false-positive host not reporting alerts)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where absolute values specified in custom integration command lines would not be recognized.
  • Fixes possible race condition when trying to collect storage metrics that could lead to a panic error and crash the agent.
  • Fixes problem on Windows where agent would try to read the deprecated user_data folder and cause an error.
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