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New data in Cloud Integrations

October 19, 2018


  • It's now possible to filter by tags in the Infrastructure default dashboards. In the filter, tag keys and values are grouped under the Labels category so they can be more easily found.
  • The AWS ALB integration now collects tags for ALB Target Groups that can be used in NQRL queries and dashboard filters. You can also fine-tune the data gathered with this integration by specifying the resource tag key and value you want to monitor with the new Filter by tag. Please refer to Configure polling frequency and data collection for cloud integrations for details.
  • The AWS API Gateway integration now collects tags for stages, resources and methods, which can be used in NQRL queries and dashboard filters.
  • The AWS Redis Cache integration now collects the OperationsPerSecond metric, which reports the number of commands processed per second by the cache server.


  • The threshold selector in Infrastructure Integrations Alerts now includes the metric unit, so it's much easier to configure the correct threshold value. It is available for RDS metrics, and shall be available in other services soon.
  • The BucketSizeBytes metric for AWS S3 buckets was returning only the size of Standard Storage objects contained in the bucket. Now the metric returns the aggregated size of all storage types. Note the BucketSizeBytes metric is included in the DatastoreSample event type with a provider value of S3Bucket.
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