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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v1.10.30

July 14, 2020

New Checks

  • Base/Env/SELinux - Check the presence and state for SELinux
  • Base/Config/ValidateLicenseKey - Validate license keys found in agent configuration files and environment variables.
  • Base/Config/ValidateHSM - Validates high-security mode local agent configuration files and environment variable against account configuration.
  • Ruby/Requirements/Version - Check Ruby agent version compatibility with environment's Ruby version


  • Base/Config/Collect - Now checks New Relic environment variables that are used to specify a custom agent config path.
  • Base/Config/Collect - Check for custom agent config paths in .NET web.config or app.config files.
  • Base/Log/Copy - Fix issue where log files can be collected twice when New Relic log path environment variables are used.
  • Base/Config/LicenseKey - Will now warn if multiple unique license keys are detected in different agent configurations.
  • Node/Config/Agent - Fix issue where a Node agent would be reported multiple times in detection.
  • Java/Env/VendorsVersions - Now it can run for Windows environment.
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