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Ruby agent v8.5.0

February 24, 2022Download


  • AWS: Support IMDSv2 by using a token with metadata API calls

    When querying AWS for instance metadata, include a token in the request headers. If an AWS user configures instances to require a token, the agent will now work. For instances that do not require the inclusion of a token, the agent will continue to work in that context as well.

  • Muffle anticipated stderr warnings for "hostname" calls

    When using the hostname binary to obtain hostname information, redirect STDERR to /dev/null. Thanks very much to @frenkel for raising this issue on behalf of OpenBSD users everywhere and for providing a solution with PR #965.

  • Added updated configuration options for transaction events and deprecated previous configs This release deprecates and replaces the following configuration options:









  • Eliminated warnings for redefined constants in ParameterFiltering

    Fixed the ParameterFiltering constant definitions so that they are not redefined on multiple reloads of the module. Thank you to @TonyArra for bringing this issue to our attention.

  • Docker for development

    Docker and Docker Compose may now be used for local development and testing with the provided Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files in the project root. See DOCKER.md for usage instructions.

  • Bugfix: Rails 5 + Puma errors in rack "can't add a new key into hash during iteration"

    When using rails 5 with puma, the agent would intermittently cause rack to raise a RuntimeError: can't add a new key into hash during iteration. We have identified the source of the error in our instrumentation and corrected the behavior so it no longer interferes with rack. Thanks to @sasharevzin for bringing attention to this error and providing a reproduction of the issue for us to investigate.

  • CI: target JRuby

    Many thanks to @ahorek for PR #919, PR #921, and PR #922 to keep us up to date on the JRuby side of things. The agent is now actively being tested against JRuby NOTE that this release does not contain any non-CI related changes for JRuby. Old agent versions are still expected to work with newer JRubies, and the newest agent version is still expected to work with older JRubies.

  • CI: Update unit tests for Rails 7.0.2

    Ensure that the 7.0.2 release of Rails is fully compatible with all relevant tests.

  • CI: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    To stay current and secure, our CI automation is now backed by version 20.04 of Ubuntu's long term support offering (previously 18.04).

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