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Ruby agent v3.9.9.275

December 31, 2014Download


  • Support for Ruby 2.2

    A new version of Ruby is available, and the Ruby agent is ready to run on it. We've been testing things out since the early previews so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest and use New Relic right away to see how the new Ruby's performing for you.

  • Support for Rails 4.2 and ActiveJob

    Not only is a new Ruby available, but a new Rails is out too! The Ruby agent provides all the usual support for Rails that you'd expect, and we instrument the newly released ActiveJob framework that's part of 4.2.

  • Security fix for handling of error responses from New Relic servers

    This release fixes a potential security issue wherein an attacker who was able to impersonate New Relic's servers could have triggered arbitrary code execution in agent's host processes by sending a specially-crafted error response to a data submission request.

    This issue is mitigated by the fact that the agent uses SSL certificate checking in order to verify the identity of the New Relic servers to which it connects. SSL is enabled by default by the agent. It can be enforced account-wide by enabling High-security mode for your account.

  • Fix for transactions with invalid URIs

    If an application used the agent's ignore_url_regexes config setting to ignore certain transactions, but received an invalid URI, the agent would fail to record the transaction. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed incompatibility with newrelic-grape

    The 3.9.8 release of the Ruby agent included disabled prototyped instrumentation for the Grape API framework. This introduced an incompatibility with the existing third party extension newrelic-grape. This has been fixed. Newrelic-grape continues to be the right solution until full agent support for Grape is available.

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