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Python agent v2.96.0.80

October 16, 2017Download


This release of the Python agent adds instrumentation for aiohttp framework, adds support for displaying Heroku dyno names, and various bug fixes.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

New Features

  • Add instrumentation for aiohttp framework

    Data is now automatically collected for applications using the aiohttp framework. Data for aiohttp applications will appear in both APM and Insights. Additionally, cross application tracing is supported for incoming requests for aiohttp applications. In addition to service maps, aiohttp applications will now show the calling application in transaction traces.

  • Add support for displaying Heroku dyno names

    Heroku-friendly logic is now applied to how dyno names are displayed. This includes being able to collapse dyno hostnames based on prefix.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash for gunicorn gaiohttp driver

    Using gunicorn's gaiohttp worker with New Relic Browser monitoring enabled may have resulted in an application crash. This crash has been fixed and the gaiohttp worker is now fully supported with the New Relic Python Agent.

  • Fix crash for pika versions 0.9.x and earlier

    Using the agent with pika versions 0.9.x and earlier could have resulted in an application crash. This issue has now been fixed.

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