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PHP agent v10.1.0.313

September 19, 2022Download

New features

  • APM logs in context support for Monolog 2 and 3

    • The PHP agent will now generate logging metrics for Monolog (versions 2 and 3) to allow seeing the rate of log messages by severity.
    • These metrics are enabled by default and are controlled by a config file directive.
    • The PHP agent can also now forward log messages from Monolog for viewing on the New Relic platform.
    • Log forwarding is currently disabled by default (can be enabled by a config file directive), and will be enabled by default in a future release.

    To learn more about APM logs in context, see the logs in context docs.

    For more information about logs in context and the PHP agent check the PHP logs in context docs.

  • Enhanced redis/PhpRedis support Thank you to Michael Grunder for contributing to the PHP agent and extending the existing redis/PhpRedis support!

New contributors

  • As mentioned above, community member Michael Grunder made his first contribution to the New Relic PHP agent. Thanks!!!

Support statement

  • New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. For more information on supported agent versions and EOL timelines please consult the following document.
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