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Node.js agent v8.9.0

March 15, 2022Download


  • Added support for initializeUnorderedBulkOp, and initializeOrderedBulkOp in mongodb v3 instrumentation.

    Thanks to Denis Lantsman (@dlants) for the contribution.

  • Updated logger to delay logging until configuration is parsed. The logger will now queue all log entries that occur before the agent can parse the configuration.

    Thanks to Cody Landry (@codylandry) for the contribution.

  • Added NEW_RELIC_ALLOW_ALL_HEADERS as a boolean environment variable, same behavior as existing allow_all_headers.

  • Updated the AWS IMDBS v2 endpoint to use latest to align with the internal agent specification.

  • Bumped @newrelic/koa to ^6.1.1.

  • Added Next.js to External Modules list in README.

  • Updated mysql and mysql2 versioned tests to run against their own databases on the MySQL instance.

  • Removed upper-bound testing from restify versioned tests so future major versions will be covered.

  • Removed upper-bound testing from mysql2 versioned tests to cover existing and future major versions.

    Continues to skip version 1.6.2 which had a bug that broke tests which was resolved in 1.6.3.

  • Updated @hapi/hapi Node 16 versioned test runs to run against @hapi/hapi >=20.1.2 so future major releases will be ran.

  • Fixed sparse checkout of non-default branch for external versioned tests.

  • Added external versioned tests for the Apollo Server plugin instrumentation.

  • Added nock delay to test timeouts in utilization integration tests.

  • Added newrelic-node-nextjs to external versioned tests to be run on every PR.

  • Updated external version test running to support more test scenarios.

    • Adds test/versioned-external to lint ignore to avoid issues for scripts in tests that auto run linting tools (next/react).
    • Adds index.js and nr-hooks.js to files automatically checked-out for test runs.
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