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Node.js agent v1.26.2

April 7, 2016Download

New features

  • Added ioredis instrumentation.

    Big thanks to Guilherme Souza (@guilhermef) for the contribution!

  • Added a new shutdown call to the public API.

    Thanks to @echmykhun for the contribution!

    The new shutdown API call will gracefully stop the agent. It can optionally harvest any pending data waiting to be sent to the New Relic servers before shutting down.

    To read more about this new API, please read our README, or visit our docs page.

  • Added support for truncated segment notifiers.

    Segments related to work that happens after a transaction has finished will now be labeled as Truncated in the UI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the express instrumentation related to inactive/lost transaction state.

    Thanks to Jacob Page (@DullReferenceException) for submitting this fix.

    Previously, the agent would crash if there was no active transaction when an Express middleware would handle the request.


  • The agent now uses MongoDB's APM API for its instrumentation.

    Method discovery for instrumentation is now done through MongoDB's APM API in newer versions of the MongoDB driver.

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