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Go agent v2.12.0

September 17, 2019Download

New Features

  • Added new methods to expose Transaction details:

    • Transaction.GetTraceMetadata() returns a TraceMetadata which contains distributed tracing identifiers.
    • Transaction.GetLinkingMetadata() returns a LinkingMetadata which contains the fields needed to link data to a trace or entity.
  • Added a new plugin for the Logrus logging framework with the new _integrations/logcontext/nrlogrusplugin package. This plugin leverages the new GetTraceMetadata and GetLinkingMetadata above to decorate logs.

    To enable, set your log's formatter to the nrlogrusplugin.ContextFormatter{}

    logger := logrus.New()

    The logger will now look for a newrelic.Transaction inside its context and decorate logs accordingly. Therefore, the Transaction must be added to the context and passed to the logger. For example, this logging call

    logger.Info("Hello New Relic!")

    must be transformed to include the context, such as:

    ctx := newrelic.NewContext(context.Background(), txn)
    logger.WithContext(ctx).Info("Hello New Relic!")

    For full documentation see the godocs or view the example.

  • Added support for NATS and NATS Streaming monitoring with the new _integrations/nrnats and _integrations/nrstan packages. These packages support instrumentation of publishers and subscribers.

  • Enables ability to migrate to Configurable Security Policies (CSP) on a per agent basis for accounts already using High-security mode (HSM).

    • Previously, if CSP was configured for an account, New Relic would not allow an agent to connect without the security_policies_token. This led to agents not being able to connect during the period between when CSP was enabled for an account and when each agent is configured with the correct token.
    • With this change, when both HSM and CSP are enabled for an account, an agent (this version or later) can successfully connect with either high_security: true or the appropriate security_policies_token configured - allowing the agent to continue to connect after CSP is configured on the account but before the appropriate security_policies_token is configured for each agent.
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