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iOS agent v3.252

February 26, 2014Download


This release is a recommended upgrade for all iOS SDK users.


  • Agent stability & self-management. Critical sections of the agent have been isolated to prevent agent-related errors from destabilizing the host application, and certain classes of errors will be automatically reported to New Relic without the need for customer-initiated communication.
  • Performance tuning. Overhead for on-device code tracing has been reduced by over 50% in some cases. The agent will consume less CPU time on the mobile device, resulting in improved application responsiveness and lower battery drain.
  • Improved data accuracy. Under certain conditions it was possible for the SDK to record total time for method invocations but not record the associated exclusive time. This improvement will result in more accurate breakdown charts and tables, and improve the collection of certain interaction traces.


  • This release resolves multiple stability issues in the SDK. We recommend this release for any customers who have encountered application crashes with previous SDK versions.
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