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Logs v210830

August 30, 2021

New public APIs

Headerless HTTP ingest

  • Added support for headerless HTTP log ingest. This enables Logs customers to send data to New Relic from sources that do not permit the customization of HTTP request headers (for example, Api-Key or X-License-Key). This approach is most often used when forwarding logs from cloud-based platforms.

More data, more power

  • Increased maximum attribute value size. The Logs team recognizes that keeping all data from a log is extremely important, and so we are providing additional functionality to store more data and reduce the chances of truncation. Attributes can now store and display up to 128 kb, the first 4096 bytes of which are searchable. For more information, see our documentation about finding data in long logs (blobs) and the Log Event API.
  • Added ARM support to our Helm-based Kubernetes integration.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several styling issues in Logs UI.
  • Corrected typos on Add Your Data page.


In partnership with our customers, the New Relic log team has been rapidly innovating our log management capabilities since the initial release in 2019. Our goal is to give you the best log experience to advance observability and provide measurable impact to your business.

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