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Python agent v2.102.0.85

February 5, 2018Download


This release of the Python agent contains improvements to the time tracing API as well as bug fixes.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

Time Trace API Improvements

  • Time trace APIs (such as function_trace) can now be used with coroutines

    The following decorator APIs can now be used with native coroutines and generators:

    • function_trace
    • database_trace
    • datastore_trace
    • external_trace
    • message_trace
    • memcache_trace


    async def my_coroutine():
    await asyncio.sleep(0.1)

Bug Fixes

  • gRPC instrumentation used on Python 2.x can cause a memory leak

    When using gRPC on Python 2, gRPC futures would not be garbage collected resulting in a memory leak. gRPC futures will now be garbage collected.

  • Instrumentation for Dropbox v8.0 and newer caused error log messages

    Dropbox client version 8.0 or higher raised instrumentation errors. These errors did not prevent metrics on Dropbox from being sent. These errors have been removed.

  • Values from negated ranges were sometimes added to ignore_status_codes

    Negated status codes not found in the current ignore_status_codes were added if they were part of a range of values. This issue has been addressed.

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