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Node.js agent v6.7.0

May 7, 2020Download

New Features

  • Added a configurable-length span queue to Infinite Tracing: infinite_tracing.span_events.queue_size.

    The queue length can be modified to balance the needs of keeping full traces against trade-off of memory usage and CPU overhead in a high-throughput application.


  • Updated remaining /api unit tests to use tap API.
  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to v1.0.3.


  • Fixed issue where API.instrumentLoadedModule could throw an exception when it failed.

    Error details will now be caught and logged.

  • Resolved non-proxy minimist security warnings by bumping dependencies.

    These updates only impact development dependencies. Thank you to @devfreddy for the contribution.

    • Updated minimist sub-deps to resolve most related security warnings.
    • Updated tap to resolve remaining tap security warnings.
    • Updated @newrelic/proxy.
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