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Java agent v3.23.0

December 1, 2015Download
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  • Hystrix instrumentation

    This release contains support for versions 1.0.2 through 1.4 of the Hystrix framework. You will now see timing information related to each Hystrix Command's run and getFallback methods. Chained Hystrix commands will be linked into one transaction.


  • This release fixes a bug in New Relic's Cross Application Tracing (CAT) that could cause incorrect service and transaction maps.

    The problem would happen when non-identical applications, with identical transaction names, would appear to be communicating (in the Transaction / Service maps), when in fact, they were not.

    Note: Using a combination of pre-3.23.0 and 3.23.0+ can result in external calls between the old and new agents to not show up in the map. To fix this, upgrade all of your agents to 3.23.0+ at the same time

  • Resolved an issue where an application running on Tomcat and containing a large number of static JSPs (5000+) could cause a memory leak within the agent.

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