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New Relic Instant Observability overview

Monitor your tech stack without the burden of manual set up. New Relic I/O is a rich catalog of open source quickstarts - out-of-the-box bundles of integrations, dashboards, and alerts.

Each quickstart is created by observability experts around the world, vetted by New Relic, and ready for you to install with one click. Leverage community expertise and get more value out of your telemetry data with New Relic I/O, your hub for instant observability.

Ready to get started? Find your quickstart in New Relic I/O:

New Relic I/O

Why it matters

With our I/O catalog, you can choose from hundreds of quickstarts that bundle the necessary building blocks to get started with monitoring your technology stack; that includes instrumentation, integrations, dashboards, and alerts, all ready to install with a click.

What are quickstarts

Quickstarts are bundles of dashboards, alerts, and instrumentation that are ready to install with a single click, specific to each technology we support. Popular technologies such as Node.js, Python, and Ruby have full-featured quickstarts, while others contain a mixture of instrumentations, dashboards, and alerts.

New Relic I/O is open source, which means that you can modify and improve existing quickstarts, or build new ones, to suit your needs. We thoroughly review external edit to our quickstarts for value and quality. Interested in contributing to the community? Check out our contributor guide.

Some technical detail

New Relic quickstarts use open source installation recipes to instrument integrations using our guided install process.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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