Public and private notes

You can add public or private notes to charts in the New Relic APM user interface.

  • Public notes can be viewed by anyone.
  • Private notes can be viewed only by individuals who have access to your account.

The text editor supports some standard Markdown codes, including surrounding words with an asterisk (*) to make them bold or surrounding them with an underscore (_) to make them italic.

Add a note

The Notes function appears when you mouse over the APM chart or map. To create a note:

  1. Mouse over the chart or map.
  2. Below the chart, click ... More > Add to note.
  3. Type your comments, then select the option to create a new note or append it to an existing one.
  4. To append the note, select your choice from the dropdown.
  5. To return to the page, select Save and close. Or, to select additional options to edit, share, or delete the note, select Save and go to note.

The note automatically appears when you select Save and go to note. The background of the chart changes to green to indicate the presence of a note and the time period viewed when the note was created. The text of the note appears when you mouse over the green indicator.

Public and private notes example: The New Relic chart's background will be green to indicate the note and time period. When you zoom out, the green background continues to show the duration of time for which the note was set. To view the note's text, mouse over the indicator.

View, edit, share, or delete a note

To view a list of all notes:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Tools > Notes.

Use any of the available options.

If you want to... Do this...
Make a note publicly accessible

By default, the note is private when you first save it. It will only be visible to people with access to the account.

Edit the note
  • To edit the note's title or comments: Next to the note's title or comment, click the edit [pencil icon] icon.
  • To edit the title of the chart, table, or map: Select the edit [pencil icon] icon next to its title.
View chart in context

To view the chart, table, or map within the context of its UI page: Mouse over the chart, then select View graph with context.

Delete a note
  • To delete a note you are currently viewing, select its delete [trash can icon] icon.
  • To delete another note: From the list of notes, select the note, and then select its delete [trash can icon] icon.
Edit or share other notes
  1. Go to
  2. Select Tools > Notes, then select another note.

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