Enable distributed tracing for our telemetry tool integrations

If you use the telemetry tools Istio, Kamon, OpenCensus, and OpenTelemetry, you can get that data into New Relic with our telemetry integrations.

Want to send your AWS X-Ray data to New Relic? Use our AWS integration.

Sampling considerations

Because distributed systems can generate a lot of trace data, telemetry tools rely on data sampling (filtering). When you install a telemetry integration that reports trace data, you'll have an option to enable Infinite Tracing.

Choosing Infinite Tracing has implications for how you configure sampling in your telemetry tool:

  • Standard installation, without Infinite Tracing: A standard installation assumes you want your telemetry tool to sample trace data before it's sent to us. (If your trace data exceeds our Trace API limits, we may also do additional sampling.)

  • Install with Infinite Tracing: If you choose Infinite Tracing, we assume you set your telemetry tool's sampling to 100%, so that all your trace data is sent to us. The trace observer selects the most important and actionable traces using tail-based sampling, and then that data is ingested via our Trace API.

Enable integrations

To start enabling an integration for distributed tracing, find instructions for your app in the telemetry integration list.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: