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Formatting terminal commands

If you have sentences that mention single-word system commands, surround these words in code tags (Markdown uses backticks ` for this) so translators don't confuse these words with words in general usage. Here are some words that translators or readers could confuse:

  • curl: Sends http requests via a terminal session–not to be confused with the curls you do with weights at the gym.
  • cat: Lists the first ten lines of a file–not a feline pet who ignores you.
  • date: Displays the day, year, and time–not an outing that couples take.
  • tail: Displays the last ten lines of a file–not the appendage on various mammals.
  • which: Show the location of a program executable–not the pronoun.

The moral of the story: If you think a reader or translator might confuse a command with a general English word, just enclose it in backticks (`).

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