Links in our UI need to be concise and match our style and voice.


  • Keep link text short to optimize for screen readers.
  • Start with the benefit to the reader, not the link location.
  • Use conversational language, pronouns, and contractions, as we do in our other copy.
  • Use the name or description of the location, instead of simply "this link."
  • For links that take users out of the product (like to our Docs sor Support sites), add the external link icon to the end.


When presenting code snippets to customers, format them with the Menlo monospace font.

var example = "This is an example string in a monospace font!";


  • Capitalize the first letter of each list item.
  • For general lists of information, use unordered (bullet) lists.
  • For lists with specific steps, use an ordered (number) list.