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Alert status language


We show colored indicators for alert status in the UI, and it's important for us to use language that's consistent across our UI screens and APIs. We're also starting to include more in this status than just alerts.

Include a hover state to explain the meaning of the color, when needed. For the main status badges on an individual entity page, the hover state will list out what contributes. If this isn't possible, use the hover states below.

Mapping between UI and API wording

ColorUI hover (tooltip)UI status labelAPI
RedCritical incident in progressCriticalCRITICAL
YellowWarning incident in progressDegradedWARNING
GreenNo alerts in progressOperationalNOT_ALERTING
GrayNot reportingStatus unknownNOT_CONFIGURED
No color-no hover state--no hover state-
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