New Relic Servers Processes page


New Relic Servers is no longer available. For infrastructure monitoring, please use New Relic Infrastructure. For how to switch to Infrastructure from Servers, see the transition guide.

To view a sortable list of server processes, and charts of the top five memory and CPU consumers, use the New Relic Servers Processes page. New Relic averages CPU usage for the time reported, not for the time window. This helps highlight processes that had high CPU usage but only reported briefly.

View Processes page details

To view detailed information about a selected host's processes:

  1. From the New Relic menu bar, select Servers > (selected server) > Processes.
  2. Sort the list of processes by memory or by CPU usage for the time reported.
  3. To view additional details about memory and CPU statistics over time, mouse over or select any process on the charts.
  4. To view details about individual processes, select View as table.

Use any of New Relic's standard user interface functions and page functions to drill down into additional detailed information.

For more help

New Relic Servers is unavailable as of May 15, 2018. For more information: