CPU and Version settings do not update (Servers for Linux)


New Relic Servers is no longer available. For infrastructure monitoring, please use New Relic Infrastructure. For how to switch to Infrastructure from Servers, see the transition guide.


New Relic Servers for Linux continues to show the previous environment values after you changed or updated any of these settings:

  • CPU count
  • Kernel version
  • Agent version


Here are two optional workarounds to get this data to show correctly.

Remove the server monitor and add it again.

This workaround solution requires you to delete your server from New Relic Servers. Deleting the server from the Servers index will delete the history.

  1. Stop the nrsysmond process on your server, and delete the server from the New Relic Servers index.
  2. Start the server monitor process again to have it report as a new server with the correct environment settings.
Rename the server monitor.

This workaround solution will break the link from the APM hosts list to the Servers for Linux Monitor that hosts the app. The historical data will still be available in New Relic under the old hostname. After 90 days this data will age out, and the old server monitor can be deleted.

  1. In your nrsysmond.cfg config file, change the server name.
  2. Restart the server monitor process to have it report as a new server with the correct environment settings.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include the Servers for Linux troubleshooting procedures.

New Relic Servers is unavailable as of May 15, 2018. For more information: