Install for Joyent SmartOS (New Relic Servers)


New Relic Servers is no longer available. For infrastructure monitoring, please use New Relic Infrastructure. For how to switch to Infrastructure from Servers, see the transition guide.

To install Servers for SmartOS, run the commands in this procedure as root.

Installation procedures

To install and configure Servers for SmartOS:

  1. Make sure that the pkgin databases are up to date:

    pkgin update
  2. Install Servers for SmartOS:

    pkgin install nrsysmond
  3. Customize your configuration file, then save your changes.

  4. Start Servers for SmartOS by running the following command as root:

    svcadm enable pkgsrc/nrsysmond

Note: The config file is annotated with all of the available options. At a minimum, replace the string REPLACE_WITH_REAL_KEY with your real 40-character New Relic license key.

Older packages

Ensure your Servers for SmartOS installation meets New Relic's compatibility requirements. Older SmartOS instances may not have the nrsysmond package. If the package is not in the repo, try these commands:

sudo pkg_add nrsysmond-1.3.0.tgz

For more help

New Relic Servers is unavailable as of May 15, 2018. For more information: