Introduction to New Relic monitoring for AWS Lambda

New Relic offers in-depth performance monitoring for your serverless AWS Lambda functions. This document introduces you to the feature, how it works, and requirements for using it.

This Lambda monitoring feature is not the same as the New Relic Infrastructure Lambda monitoring integration, which only uses CloudWatch data. This more extensive Lambda monitoring uses both CloudWatch data and code-level instrumentation to deliver more in-depth monitoring.

Lambda monitoring features

New Relic's Lambda monitoring gives you visibility into:

  • Every invocation of your Lambda functions, including performance data like duration, cold starts, exceptions, and tracebacks.
  • Invocations for other AWS services (such as publishing messages in a SNS topic, or items placed in a DynamoDB table), and the operation and target for those services.
  • Distributed tracing: see the path of requests that led to your Lambda, and see Lambda spans in your other distributed traces.
  • Information about the source that triggered the lambda.

Lambda data is displayed in its own dedicated UI.

Access and requirements

This service is generally available, starting at $15 a month, per million events for paid and trial accounts.

New Relic monitoring for AWS Lambda may result in Amazon Web Services charges. The install/enable instructions recommend the use of a newrelic-log-ingestion Lambda function that reports your Lambda data to New Relic. The log-ingestion function is considered a Third Party Service, and AWS charges resulting from your use of it are your responsibility.

Other details about supported instrumentation:

  • Supported languages: Go, Java, .NET Core, Node.js, and Python. Minimum agent versions:

    • Go: 2.7.0

    • Java: N/A, doesn't use agent

    • .NET Core: N/A, doesn't use agent

    • Node.js: 5.6.4

    • Python:

  • For complete Lambda instrumentation, you must use one of the language-specific AWS SDKs. If an AWS SDK is not used, Lambda data will appear as external service calls in the UI, with minimal detail.

  • For the following services, only the "target" (Lambda function name, SNS topic ARN, DynamoDB table name, etc.) is reported: Autoscaling, Athena, Batch, Cloud9, CodeBuild, DynamoDB, Greengrass, IoT, Kinesis (Streams, Firehose, Analytics, Video), Lambda, Lex, Machine Learning, MQ, Redshift, Rekognition, S3, SES, SimpleDB, SNS, SQS, Storage Gateway, and STS.

Enable and use Lambda monitoring

To get started using New Relic's Lambda monitoring, see the install and enable instructions.

For more help

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