06-01-2020 Muting Rules UI : Suppress Notifications During Maintenance Windows

Released on: 
June 1, 2020

Component : Muting Rules


  • The muting rules capability was released in March, 2020 with the ability to manage rules using the NerdGraph API.
  • The UI for muting rules was released to the platform on June 1, 2020. It is accessible on New Relic One, at https://one.newrelic.com, under the "Applied Intelligence" tile.

During times of planned system disruptions, a steady stream of noisy, unnecessary alerts can be a major distraction. You need to find a balance that allows you to filter out the noise yet still maintain observability and alerting on the rest of your system. With muting rules in New Relic Alerts, you can silence notifications during planned disruptions like maintenance windows, deployments, and testing.

Muting rules are available to all New Relic customers. Read more about muting rules in our documentation, at https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/muting-rules.