09-28-2020 : Action Required : New Relic One Streaming Alerts for NRQL Conditions

Released on: 
September 28, 2020

Component: NRQL Conditions (Review Required)

Announcing : New Relic One Streaming Alerts

New Relic is rolling out a new, unified streaming alerts platform for New Relic One. This new streaming alerts platform will power NRQL Alert Conditions, and over the next year, all alert condition types will be consolidated into NRQL conditions.

New Relic One Streaming Alerts delivers:

  • More reliable alerting that is far less susceptible to data latency and processing lag.
  • Increased accuracy of the data points that are being evaluated
  • Reduced time-to-detect through improvements in the streaming algorithm, and configurable aggregation duration.
  • Greater control over the signals being monitored. You can specify how to evaluate signal gaps, when to consider a signal as lost, and what actions should be taken.
  • Consistent behavior and configuration of Alert conditions regardless of the telemetry type, source of the signal being monitored, or specifics of your NRQL query.
  • Increased scalability in the number of time series that an Alert Condition can monitor and in the total number of conditions that can be configured

** Action Required : Opt-in Migration **
When we roll out this new streaming platform, there is a change in behavior related to how we process aggregation time windows that do not have data. If you are monitoring for when a signal goes to “0” in order to determine if an entity stops reporting, this approach will no longer work after moving to the new platform. To maintain this functionality you must enable Loss of Signal detection on these conditions in advance of moving your account in order to prevent false negatives. You may opt-in to this new platform now. Read more about the rollout plan in the FAQ section below.

Please read the full announcement and FAQ here , and follow the links to enroll.

When is this available?

  • You can opt-in to enable New Relic Streaming Alerts on NRQL conditions right now.
  • We plan to enable the majority of accounts the week of October 5th.
  • Accounts that have NRQL Conditions that may be monitoring for loss of signal will not be enabled automatically until October 28th. These are NRQL Conditions that either use the “Less Than” operator, or have an operator and threshold of “Equals 0”.
  • During the initial roll out the week of October 5th, you will see a banner on the top of the policy page and the NRQL Conditions create/edit page that will indicate whether your account has been enabled or whether you must update your configurations and opt-in.