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tvOS agent v6.3.0

June 1, 2018Download


  • Agent can now handle region specific application tokens.


  • Fixed inconsistency in deviceManufacturer session attribute; it will always be set as "Apple, Inc".
  • memUsageMb session attribute will now be stored as a numeric value rather than a string value.
  • Fixed race-condition in gesture instrumentation that could cause a crash on app background.
  • RequestUrl and RequestPath attributes on MobileRequest and MobileRequestError events will consistently be not URL-encoded.
  • Crash reports will now be uploaded immediately after processing on subsequent launch.
  • Fixed potential race-condition in +[NewRelic stopCurrentInteraction:(NSString*)activityIdentifier]; that could result in dead-lock.


  • Missing llvm bitcode (fixed in 6.3.1)
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