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tvOS agent v5.12.1

March 10, 2017Download


  • Adds new API +[NewRelic recordCustomEvent:(NSString*)eventType withAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attributes]

This method replaces +[NewRelic recordEvent:(NSString*)name withAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attributes] which is now deprecated, with the intention of removal in the future. The new API creates a new event with an event type specified by the eventType parameter, whereas the deprecated method create a event with the Mobile event type and an attribute with the name 'name' and the value of the name parameter. This change satisfies customer requests for:

  • Improved Insights query performance

  • Defining custom event types

  • Finding custom event in Insights more easily

  • Flexibility to define data retention per custom event type

  • Adds helper method +setUserId: to NewRelic.h which sets a session attribute, userId, with the passed value. This method is effectively the same as [NewRelic setAttribute:@"userId" value:<username>];

  • This release adds a new Insights event type: MobileRequestError. This new event tracks networking and http errors during the app's lifecycle, adding the ability to slice and dice network error data! More details can be found at Mobile Request Error Events.

  • This agent now applies the lastInteraction attribute to all events, not just crash events.

  • The applications build value is now added as a default session attribute: appBuild.

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