Agent SDK 0.13

Released on: 
Thursday, September 11, 2014 - 12:42


This release of the Agent SDK is focused around adding support for SQL Traces and improving insight gained from Transaction Traces.

New Features

SQL Trace aka Slow SQL

The Agent SDK now generates an SQL trace for each instrumented datastore segment. Every minute the agent sends 10 of these traces up to the New Relic service. The traces selected will represent the worst performing SQL statements during that minute.

Custom SQL Obfuscation

SQL is obfuscated by default by replacing string literals and number sequences with the ? character. There is also a way for you to supply the Agent SDK with your own custom obfuscator for a datastore segment.

SQL Trace Aggregation

By default, the Agent SDK aggregates SQL Traces that have similar SQL statements using the obfuscated SQL. It also provides a way for you to decide how to aggregate these traces.

SQL Statements inside Transaction Traces

You can also see SQL statements for datastore segments that are part of a transaction trace.


Note: In High Security Mode, the Agent SDK will not send any SQL traces nor will it send SQL inside a Transaction Trace.