Agent SDK 0.11

Released on: 
Monday, July 28, 2014 - 12:42


This release of the Agent SDK focuses on providing more insight into your application's overall performance.

New Features

CPU & Memory Metrics

The Agent SDK now supports CPU and memory usage. This gives you a better picture of an application's performance and impact on the system. To get started, make an API call to newrelic_record_cpu_usage and newrelic_record_memory_usage whenever you want to see an application's CPU and memory usage at a given time. You can get an overall picture of your application's system performance by periodically making these API calls.

New Features

Bug Fixes

The Agent SDK build script now updates version header files with the latest release version number. Releases used after version 0.6 and before this version were reporting as 0.6. This did not effect user experience, but potentially could have if certain APM features were enabled for future versions of the Agent SDK.