Using a plugin

Each plugin in New Relic Plugins includes procedures for how to install, use, troubleshoot, and uninstall it. After you install a plugin from Plugin Central, it starts to collect data, which you can view by selecting the installed plugin from your New Relic Plugins menu bar. This document explains how to navigate your plugin's user interface.

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

Select the plugin

Depending on the selected plugin, installation instructions will vary. Refer to your plugin's installation documentation for specific details. After you install a plugin, it starts to collect data (usually within five minutes). The plugin automatically appears on your New Relic Plugins menu bar with a short name and icon. You do not need to select it from Plugin Central.

To view summary and dashboard details about the plugin:

  1. From the New Relic Plugins menu bar, select your plugin.
  2. From the plugin's summary page, review the list of components or instances, summary metrics, and list of Recent Events.
  3. To view dashboard details about any component or instance, select its name.

The colored bar with one or more lines indicates the component's current health status (green, yellow, red, gray). In addition, the Recent events list shows alerts.

The amount and types of information on the plugin's summary page and dashboards depend on the specific plugin. For example, a plugin may have one or more components (instances) and one or more dashboards.

For more help

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