Deleting a plugin

Each plugin in New Relic's Plugin Central includes procedures for how to uninstall it. When you select the plugin's Download or Continue button, the plugin should include a README file or refer to other documentation resources.

Here are general procedures to remove your plugin's components (instances) and automatically delete the plugin icon from your New Relic menu bar.

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

Remove plugin components

At a minimum, the health status for your plugin's components (instances) must be gray before you start uninstalling the plugin. Depending on the plugin, there may be other dependencies before disabling or uninstalling it. For example, plugins from SaaS providers may have different requirements. Be sure to review the instructions that the plugin's publisher provides.

screen plugin uninstall0719.png
(selected plugin): Make sure your plugin has stopped collecting data (the health status is gray) before selecting the gear icon for each component or instance to Remove (delete) them.

After you follow standard procedures for your operating system to stop the process from running, remove each of the plugin's components (instances):

  1. From the New Relic menu bar, select Plugins > (selected plugin).
  2. From the plugin's list of components (instances), make sure that the health status for each is gray (not sending data).
  3. Select the gear gear icon for each component (instance), select Remove, and then select the confirmation prompt to proceed (OK).

Delete the plugin

After you remove each component (instance) for the plugin, the plugin icon will automatically disappear from your New Relic Plugins menu bar. You do not need to do anything else to delete the plugin.

If you are the plugin's publisher and need to delete the plugin from Plugin Central, get support at New Relic Support.

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