Use a Plugin Central plugin

Each plugin in Plugin Central includes procedures for how to install, use, troubleshoot, and uninstall it. After you install a plugin, it starts to receive data, usually within five minutes. The plugin automatically appears with a short name and icon on your Plugins menu in New Relic One. You do not need to select it from Plugin Central.

Plugins in Plugin Central are not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

View plugin dashboard details

The amount and types of information on the plugin's summary page and dashboards depend on the specific plugin. For example, a plugin may have one or more components (instances) and one or more dashboards.

To view summary and dashboard details about the plugin:

  1. Go to > More > Plugins, and select your plugin.
  2. From the plugin's summary page, review the list of components or instances, summary metrics, and list of Recent Events.
  3. To view dashboard details about any component or instance, select its name.
Plugin summary

Depending on the plugin, the summary includes:

  • One or more components or instances (what the plugin agent is monitoring, typically a host/port pair)
  • Zero to five summary metrics for the past three minutes (values such as average, total, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, rate, or count) with optional alerts
  • Recent events list, including deployments, notifications, and alerts
  • Other information about alert violations, events, and activity

If your plugin has 100 or more components or instances, you can search for a specific component instance. Here is a summary of additional standard features.

If you want to... Do this...
View version information for a component's or instance's agent

Mouse over the component's name.

Change the sort order

On the title row of the plugin's summary page, select the up or down arrow for a component (instance) or a summary metric's label.

Show or hide items on the events and activity list

Select an event icon, or select All.

View details about an event

On the events and activity list, select the link.

View page details for a component or instance

Select the name or a summary metric for the component (instance).

Plugin dashboards

Depending on the plugin, it may have one or more dashboards, and each dashboard may present data as a chart or a table. You can use any of New Relic's standard dashboard features to drill down into detailed information.

The customized dashboards that show plugin data are part of the plugin. Users cannot add or remove these dashboards. This must be done by the author or publisher as part of a plugin update.

Plugin alerts

If the plugin publisher set Critical (red) or Caution (yellow) alert conditions for your plugin's components or instances, you can view details direct in the user interface. For example, you can:

  • Select and view alert details.
  • Change the existing thresholds.
  • Set your alert notification options; for example, to receive email notifications for Critical events.

Delete a plugin

Each plugin in Plugin Central includes procedures for how to uninstall it. When you select the plugin's Download or Continue button, the plugin should include a README file or refer to other documentation resources.

Remove plugin components (instances)

At a minimum, your plugin must stop reporting data before you start uninstalling it. Make sure the health status for your plugin's components (instances) are gray.

Depending on the plugin, there may be other dependencies before disabling or uninstalling it. For example, plugins from SaaS providers may have different requirements. Be sure to review the instructions that the plugin's publisher provides.

Then, to remove individual components from your plugin, click the settings settings icon for each component (instance).

Delete the plugin

After you remove each component (instance) for the plugin, the plugin icon will automatically disappear from your Plugins menu in the New Relic UI. You do not need to do anything else to delete the plugin.

If you are the plugin's publisher and need to delete the plugin from Plugin Central, go to

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: