SaaS plugin configuration example

This is an example installation for a SaaS plugin.

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

SaaS plugin requirements

Requirements and configuration instructions for SaaS plugins vary depending on the SaaS provider. The plugin will include documentation about how to use it.

Plugin example dashboard

To view plugin data, go to your New Relic Plugins menu bar, where you can select the plugin and view it directly.

  1. Sign in to New Relic.
  2. From the New Relic Plugins menu bar, select the SaaS plugin's name or icon.
  3. To view the plugin's default dashboard: From the plugin's summary page, select the name of a component (instance) or a summary metric.

You may need to wait a few minutes for data to appear.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

  • Using a plugin (getting started with navigating any plugin)
  • Getting plugin help (troubleshooting steps and additional help for your plugin)
  • SaaS developer plugins (information for SaaS/PaaS developers who want to create plugins for Plugin Central in the New Relic Plugins product)

Recommendations for learning more: