Getting plugin help

Each plugin in New Relic's Plugin Central typically includes troubleshooting information. When you select the plugin's Download or Continue button, the plugin should include a README file or refer to other documentation.

If you experience problems that the plugin's documentation does not address, contact the plugin publisher's support resources identified in the plugin's Get support link. Be prepared to provide information such as:

  • Are you able to connect to New Relic Plugins or able to connect to the monitored server?
  • Do you have a New Relic license key or a message about an invalid license key?
  • If you received a specific error, what was its error number or message?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the plugin's webpage where you are experiencing problems?
  • Can you provide a log file?
  • Can you provide your configuration file?
  • Can you restart the plugin?

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

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