Writing Chef and Puppet installation scripts

Chef and Puppet are configuration management tools that simplify software management and server provisioning. They provide reusable configuration scripts, called cookbooks within Chef and modules within Puppet, to automate plugin installation and management. After developing a plugin in Java or Ruby, you can create Chef and Puppet installation scripts to make plugin installation easier from New Relic Plugins.

Chef and Puppet templates

Chef cookbooks and Puppet modules make it easier to install plugins from New Relic Plugins with required runtime dependencies, such as Java or Ruby. Managing plugins with user permissions and startup scripts also is easier.

Several Chef and Puppet installation scripts have been written for supported plugins installed from New Relic Plugins. These Chef recipes and Puppet manifests can be referenced and used as templates for other plugins. For more information about installation scripts, see:

Chef and Puppet community sites

Chef and Puppet provide active community sites for learning Chef and Puppet as well as for listing and finding community-contributed cookbooks and modules. New Chef cookbooks and Puppet modules can be hosted on GitHub and referenced from these community sites:

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