Viewing your plugin's usage

After you publish your plugin, New Relic Plugins will collect information about usage, including:

Note: Plugins that are publicly published in Plugin Central will have more details in the Usage dashboard than "unlisted" (privately published) ones.

Viewing usage details

Anyone on the authoring account can view the published plugin's Usage dashboard.

  1. From the New Relic Plugins menu bar, select the plugin's name or icon.
  2. From the plugin's Summary, select Usage.

Evaluating usage data

New Relic Plugins will update usage data about accounts and components/instances every 24 hours. If the account or the component/instance has reported within the last 24 hours, it will be included in the active counts.

The Usage dashboard is useful for verifying public information about the plugin, including the download link and a shortcut link to Plugin Central. The dashboard also provides a central location to examine review comments and ratings.

For more help

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