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Guide to optimizing your cloud native environment

As software organizations modernize, they’re adopting the cloud at rapid pace. The cloud offers many advantages, but it can be increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the curve: Providers are constantly unveiling new technologies and management approaches; modern, distributed environments are becoming increasingly complex; and proper scaling requires a full understanding of your infrastructure and customer experience—not to mention, it’s costly.

Whether you were “born in the cloud” or have recently migrated your on-premise applications to the cloud, you still have plenty of work to do to perfect your cloud native experience. The solutions in these tutorials provide best practices for using New Relic to optimize your cloud environment.

Using New Relic, you can more easily monitor your entire system, from your infrastructure to your applications to your end-user experience, and more confidently transition to a microservices architecture or adopt new technologies like AWS Lambda. New Relic also helps you promote a culture of experimentation in your complex, distributed environments, and extends these benefits across your entire platform while justifying your IT costs. In other words, New Relic helps you measure your cloud native journey at every step of the way.

Adopt new technologies easily

As cloud providers unveil new services and technologies, your teams need the ability to evaluate and adopt them with ease and confidence, so they can accelerate the pace of application releases and achieve measurable business objectives.

Promote a culture of experimentation, and do it confidently

To fully exploit modern tools, you need modern team practices. Promote a culture of experimentation in your complex, distributed systems so you can experiment confidently, troubleshoot errors, and create measurable results.

Scale effectively

Leverage data-driven insights to grow your platform efficiently, optimize your end-user experience, maintain reliability, and justify costs.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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