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Automate instrumentation

Replacing manual instrumentation with automated setup benefits you in many ways. Automation can make you faster, and it helps to eliminate fat-finger errors—and more importantly, it improves observability. You'll spend less time instrumenting systems, and reduce toil as your development ecosystem grows.


Before starting this tutorial, be sure to complete the Measure code pipeline tutorial.

1. Make instrumentation part of every build

Rolling instrumentation into your standard build process makes visibility the default, instead of being viewed as yet another burden on your developers. Modern build tools like Gradle can do almost anything; you can take advantage of that power to instrument your code quickly and efficiently.


Read this Best Practices post for more information about automating instrumentation in your pipeline

Configuration management tools such as Terraform enable automation as well. Using the New Relic Terraform Provider, you can automatically add agents and alerts, or create a dashboard when you start up a new service.

New Relic terraform snippet

2. Take advantage of CLI tools

Most tools provide a command line interface that allows a back-door to quickly get work done. For example, the New Relic CLI lets you search and tag entities across accounts. The New Relic Lambda CLI installs and configures a New Relic AWS Lambda layer onto your AWS Lambda functions. You can also use the NR-1 CLI to build and share your own New Relic applications.

3. Leverage the power of APIs

Now that you've instrumented your services, you can take advantage of New Relic's REST API to harvest information from your instrumentation and to manage your monitoring process. The New Relic API Explorer can help you to determine the cURL request format, available parameters, potential response status codes, and JSON response structure for each of the available API calls.

The New Relic documentation includes a wealth of additional information on APIs that you can use to automate a number of important tasks, including:

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