Collecting data but no entity in Explorer


You have a new type of device that has a profile but no entity has been added in the Explorer menu.

This happens when a device has an SNMP profile telling ktranslate what metrics to collect, but a new entity definition is still in progress for how to display that collection of metrics in New Relic.


When creating a new entity type, New Relic engineers have to review the data that comes in from the profile. Then, turn the raw data into a definition that includes information such as the Golden Metrics for this entity type, and creating the entity dashboard. This can take some time and sometimes requires talking to the users who submitted the profile request to ensure the entity definition suits their needs.

Once the entity definition is completed, the new entity will automatically show up in your account and will include all the data previously collected for that device.

The simplest way to spot check this part of the process is to perform a NRQL query similar to:

SELECT latest( as Profile, latest(provider), latest(entity.type) as EntityType FROM Metric WHERE not in ('heartbeat','ktranslate') AND device_name = 'myDevice'

You will see which SNMP profile is associated with your device, since in each profile we define a provider which is the attribute entity synthesis uses. The entity.type will be blank until a definition is completed, and it will immediately be populated after that definition goes live.