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OpenTelemetry in the UI: Events


The option to query events is available only through a preview, but if you sign up, you can try out the Events API. If you'd like to participate in the preview, let us know in our CNCF Slack channel, #otel-newrelic.

OpenTelemetry recently introduced the experimental Events API in its specification. This API allows you to create an EventLogger, which can emit Events as LogRecords containing two special attributes:

  • event.domain: The domain of the emitted events. It needs to be set during the creation of the EventLogger.
  • event.name: The event name. This attribute is what New Relic uses to map an OpenTelemetry event to a New Relic event type.

So, if your application emits an event with event.domain=DefaultEventDomain and event.name=ApiRequest, you will be able to find these events under the ApiRequest event type in New Relic. Here's an example of how to view the data using query builder:

Note that both event.type and event.domain need to be included in the OpenTelemetry events for them to become available as events in New Relic. The OpenTelemetry Events API already enforces this through the EventLogger and Events constructor or factory method interfaces.

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