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Legacy New Relic OpenTelemetry Exporters

New Relic published a number of exporters that are used to send OpenTelemetry data over New Relic's proprietary protocol. These exporters are being deprecated in favor of sending data to New Relic using the OpenTelemetry protocol.


The exporters are listed here for reference. To migrate off these exporters, follow our quick start guide.

New Relic Language Exporters

As mentioned above, our language-specific exporters are being deprecated. These exporters allowed applications to export OpenTelemetry data directly to New Relic. The New Relic OTLP endpoint makes this strategy obsolete since it allows applications to export data to New Relic's proprietary endpoints.

The exporters and their maintenance status are as follows:

New Relic Exporter for the OpenTelemetry Collector

If you deployed your own collector with a New Relic exporter, we'll continue to support this exporter at least until the native OTLP ingest is beyond pre-release. We encourage you to migrate to the OTLP exporter in your collector. If you need help with that see our quick start guide.

If you still need information about the New Relic Exporter, see the opentelemetry-collector-contrib repository.

The OpenTelemetry Collector with New Relic Exporter example demonstrates what such a setup might look like.

Endpoint configuration for New Relic exporters

You can change the New Relic endpoints where you send your data.

US endpoints

By default, New Relic OpenTelemetry exporters send data to these US data centers:

You may need to override these default endpoints to send data to the EU region or to use Infinite Tracing.

EU region endpoints

To send telemetry data to New Relic’s endpoints in the EU region, use the following:


These URLs don't apply to Infinite Tracing.

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