Customizing your mobile app settings

To change your mobile app's name, alert conditions, or other settings: Go to > (select an app) > Settings.

UI options

Use any of these options from > (select a mobile app) > Settings:

If you want to... Select this
Change your mobile app's name Application
Change the Caution and Critical alert conditions for HTTP status code error rates, network failure error rates, or response time Alerts
Turn on or turn off alert notifications for your mobile app Alerts
Install New Relic Mobile for your app Installation
Upgrade New Relic Mobile's agent SDK in your mobile app Upgrade
View your mobile app's authentication token Application or Installation
Change another mobile app's settings Select your choice from the dropdown next to the currently selected mobile app's name

You can also select the gear gear icon for an app from the Mobile apps index to change the application name or alert settings.

Agent configuration

You can also configure the agent via API calls:

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

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