Mobile HTTP error profiles: Find error causes

On New Relic Mobile's HTTP errors UI page, HTTP error profiles give you insight about potential causes of your HTTP errors.

View HTTP error profiles

To view New Relic Mobile error profiles:

  1. Go to > (select an app) > Mobile application > HTTP errors.
  2. To see HTTP error profile details: At the bottom of the HTTP errors UI page, select the HTTP error profiles tab above the table, then select an HTTP error profile to expand it.

What are HTTP error profiles?

In New Relic Mobile, an HTTP error profile is a potentially meaningful correlation New Relic has found between your HTTP error values (MobileRequestError events) when compared to successful HTTP requests (MobileRequest events). These correlations help you investigate the causes and contributing factors behind your HTTP errors.

The screenshot below shows an example of an HTTP error profile.

Mobile error profile
This HTTP error profile shows that a significant number of the HTTP errors occurring, 25%, are being caused by just 5 device types. To investigate further, you could use the filter to display a specific device type and see if there are other correlations, such as a specific OS version> or carrier.

You can also filter the data used to generate HTTP error profiles to help you narrow down potential causes.

For an analysis of a specific HTTP error profile, see the example HTTP error profile explanation.

Filter HTTP error profile data

To further filter the data used to generate HTTP error profiles and their comparison page views, use these HTTP errors page features:

  • Time picker: select a time range used to generate the data.
  • Filter: use the filter to display only HTTP error profiles and page views that have the attribute values you choose. You can select multiple attribute values.

Example HTTP error profile explanation

To help you better understand your own HTTP error profile data, this is an explanation of an example HTTP error profile's data. This HTTP error profile example has had a filter of deviceType = Galaxy Device applied, so it is only showing HTTP error data from Galaxy devices.

Mobile error profile example
This example profile has had a filter applied so that it is only showing HTTP error data from Galaxy devices.

Column explanations:

  • The first column is the Errors column. It shows the attribute values with the most deviation when compared to successful HTTP requests. Less significant attribute values are aggregated in the Other category. In this example, the OS versions 6.0, 5.1, 7.0, and 7.1.1 make up 100% of the HTTP errors for Chrome users.
  • The Errors column shows what percentage of MobileRequestError events have the attribute values from the first column. This column adds up to 100%, representing all HTTP errors from the chosen time range and filter set. In this example, a large percentage of HTTP errors are coming from Galaxy OS version 7.1.1. If we wanted to investigate this further, we could filter to only show OS version 7.1.1 data.
  • The Requests column shows what percentage of MobileRequest events (successful HTTP requests) have the attribute values from the first column. In this example, less than 14% of the requests are made by users on OS version 6, but 24% of HTTP errors are generated by users with that version.
  • The Difference column shows you the difference in percentage between the Errors column and the Requests column. In this example, the triangle 11% indicates that attribute is 11 percentage points higher for HTTP error events than for requests.

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