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The New Relic Mobile UI provides the same functionality as the standard New Relic UI, with customized details to monitor and manage the performance of your mobile apps.

To view application performance monitoring (APM) metrics about your mobile apps, you must have a valid New Relic user name and password. Your user name must be a valid email address.

  1. Go to
  2. From the list of available mobile apps, use any of the standard menu functions, or select an app to go directly to its Overview page.

The time frame for metrics shown on the list of mobile apps is six minutes.

Mobile-App-List.png New Relic Mobile automatically shows your list of mobile applications. It also includes tools to add, edit, or delete mobile apps and to filter or go directly to specific details about mobile application performance monitoring.

The index of available mobile apps includes a colored health status indicating:

  • Green = Normal
  • Yellow = Warning
  • Red = Critical
  • Gray = Not reporting data

Standard menu functions

Use any of New Relic's standard user interface functions and page functions to drill down into detailed information. Here is a summary of additional functions available from the Mobile Apps index:

If you want to... Do this...
View the app's status

Mouse over the mobile app's colored health status indicator.

icon mobile app apdex.png

If the health status indicator is gray and no data is being reported, select the See instructions link to finish installing New Relic Mobile.

View details for a mobile app

From the Mobile list, select the mobile app's name to go directly to its Overview page.


Select the mobile app's Active sessions or HTTP requests link.

View details about time-consuming user activities Select the mobile app's Interactions/min or Interactions speed link.
Go directly to a mobile app's Errors page page. Select the mobile app's Http error % or Network failure % link.
View metrics for a specific version of the app, if available

Below the mobile app's name, expand the list of active versions, and then select the version name.

icon mobile app v.png
Go directly to a mobile app's Crashes page . Select the mobile app's Crash rate % or Crashes list link.
Add another mobile app

Select Add a new app, and then follow the online instructions.

screen mobile app add.png
Rename the mobile app, change its alert settings, or delete it Select the mobile app's gear gear icon.

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